crate sweet crate

Since Mollie has perked up from her kennel cough she's picked up a chewing habit. She hasn't really gotten into anything expensive, but when she managed to dig out Rich's shotgun cleaning kit this morning I worried that she might hurt herself with some sort of chemicals. That and eventually she was going to figure out how to open the fridge or unlock the front door for a party while we're gone. We picked up a "giant" sized crate today to give her plenty of room. She doesn't have any issues with house training, so we wanted to give her enough room to move around while keeping her out of trouble.

Once we got the crate assembled and some bedding inside, all the animals were very curious about it. I crawled inside to check it out and instantly the dogs were desperate to get inside with me. Both dogs crammed themselves inside and everyone was very excited about the new digs. Sarah used to have one long ago and I'm surprised she didn't retreat to the new one this evening when I fussed at Mollie for chewing my shoe. Instead she just shook like a leaf a few feet away until I consoled her. We're a family of sensitive souls in this house. And it's a full house at the moment ...

trying out the new crate for Mollie