shit man, naw!

Rich and I had a friendly wager this evening starting at 9pm that he could go 24 hours without using the word "shit." He lasted 51 minutes. In his defense, he was playing Bioshock and stumbled upon a forgotten machine gun turret but we had already discussed his propensity to use it to express incredulity versus any sort of despair. In other news, we've been going through some dog personality development here at the house. Friday I took Sarah to the vet for a checkup and to see if they could give her anything for her elderly creaky bones. A few days of Glucosamine and Rymadil and she's feeling pretty perky. She went on twice as long of a walk yesterday and has been smiling a bit more around the house.

And the new dog Mollie that we worried was a bit too calm has proven to be a lot more vivacious now that she's getting over her kennel cough. We're happy that there is significantly less snot coming out of her nose and she's happy she can smell her food again! The dog snot really was getting out of hand since she was like a 45lb. toddler who didn't understand how to blow her nose but understood completely how to wipe her nose on the leather couch, Mommy's pants and the carpet.

Going from two lazy dogs to two frisky hounds has taken some adjusting for everyone in the house, especially the kitties. They're especially grateful for the giant baby gates with cat doors in them to give them some safe havens. While in one of those havens, they also helped me organize the fabric closet. Mollie helped organize the sewing room today by tearing open a brand new box of tissues and spreading them all over the room. Needless to say she's not allowed up there without adult supervision anymore, and I may have exclaimed "shit" when I discovered it.