just the bare necessities

I thought I had lost my blood meter this evening (or at least left it at home), which is a bit like saying I lost a finger or left it at home. After having a minor freak out at the restaurant near our house, I decided we would just make it an action item to look for my blood meter when we got home and then act accordingly. I can remember way back in college and grade school when I didn't check my blood sugars nearly as often as I do now and wouldn't worry if I couldn't tell you exactly what my readings were. I also wasn't on my insulin pump back then and didn't require math for my food intact, in addition to doing a lot more "zen glucose checking" where headaches meant high and shaky sweats meant low. I can still gauge my blood sugar by feel pretty well, but it can be hard to tell if you're having a 30 or 300 moment no matter how much self-awareness you may have.

It's funny how things become second nature. I remember my insulin pump feeling awkward and very much like an accessory when I first got it in 2000. Now it's more like having really long hair. I could adapt to not having it again if I had to, but I've grown used to maneuvering around it in the bed and when I get dressed and would feel very naked without it, much like clipping off all your hair after cultivating it for years.

At some point, I started carrying around this toolbox of supplies. The insulin pump, the glucose meter (with Advil, antibiotics, and birth control pills crammed in the same pouch), the separate container of phenergan just in case I get deathly ill on the road and eye drops for my unusually dry eyes all weigh me down. Add to that other necessities like dental floss and band-aids and I feel like I've got half the drug store in my purse at all times. I'm one step away from a diaper bag on my hip and I don't even have a kid needing diapers!

and I were talking a bit ago about things we have with us that make us feel more secure and I told her I never go anywhere without Macrobid antibiotics due to my chronic bladder infections. If I feel one coming on, two of those pills can make the difference in fending off an infection or going home in tears. She likened it to her Biofreeze gel for her back pain and that going without that is really like swinging without a safety net.

I'm sure I could survive without some of the crap I tote around all day, but I've really found these key items can make the difference in being miserable or being content. Are there things you can't leave the home without and has that list grown over the years?