... and the entire place would have that New Bag Smell

I wish there were a magical store that had Timbuk2 and Waterfield and Crumpler bags all in one place. And not just one or two of the models. I want to shop for bags the way other people shop for fine jewelry, precious antiques or luxury cars. I want to make an appointment with my baggage consultant. I want to bring all my shit with me to dump out onto a giant granite counter. I want a clean, well-groomed person to help me figure out which camera lenses are the best to take on trips and how I can reduce my accessories without panicking that I'm going to be stranded in an airport with no USB hub. I want to bring in all the expensive bags I have bought over the years and sell them back to this store on consignment, so that maybe some other traveler can take advantage of my great rolling suitcase with built-in laptop sleeve that won't fit most of my (copious) shoes.

I want to experiment with different pouches, straps and sleeves with my actual items wihout having to sit in the floor of a department store and pull wads of paper out into the aisle. I got sucked into all the offerings of Crumpler bags after reading Maggie Mason's great review of her bags, but I just can't bring myself to order more bags without really knowing in my heart of hearts if the 2 Million Dollar Home will be enough or if I would just pine for the 3 or 4 Million Dollar Home.

Perhaps I have just missed my calling and should make a store like this.