Genie has left the building (or at least the bar)

Ugh, I hate feeling like my blood sugar is low but knowing it's just the three glasses of wine I drank. So now I just need to stay up an hour or so more so I can check my blood again and feel okay with the results. If only Kobi were here to take care of me! In lieu of Kobi, a Snickers bar will have to do. I'm in a hotel this evening ... an Inn, actually ... in upstate New York. I've had a lot of good vibes tonight from colleagues and life and I don't think it's just the wine talking. I'm trying to savor this for when the stress of life gets to me and I'm ready to throw a fit.

I don't think they meant "fresh from the jacuzzi" when they talked about Naked Blogging at BlogHer. But I've always been a literal person at heart.

I just had dinner with close to 100 people who all know *about* me but only half a dozen or so have ever met me. It's always odd for me to have my reputation precede me. I hope it's a good reputation, at least. I only hope they are pleased with the mere 45 minutes of presentation I can give them tomorrow. Perhaps we'll just spend the time looking at wedding photos instead. Everybody likes a good photo album.