Dear Chicago: I love you, man!

From the moment my brother picked me up at the airport my day really turned around. It's hard to come to terms with the switch from scarfing down a crappy Subway sandwich at lunch on the East coast to eating tapas in a froo froo restaurant with my brother many hundreds of miles away on the shores of Chicago. I'm in my incredibly trendy hotel room at the W which I'm sharing with my incredibly cool internet friends after sharing a bottle of wine with my incredibly funny and wonderful brother. Perry was here for a conference this week and picked me up from the airport for dinner. We puttered around a bit and toured the hotel room and the lobby before having dinner at the Wave in the W. Our waiter was cute, the food was fantastic, and I had just enough wine to be tipsy without being hungover tomorrow. Wheee!

The boo/hiss parts of my trip were my hectic departure from the office and the gum someone left under the seat on the plane that is now on my favorite sweater and favorite laptop bag. The super keen parts of my trip have been using my iPhone to navigate the big city, finding the only parking space in Chicago with a broken parking meter that not only didn't take money but was open to retrieve free quarters from its belly and spending time with my brother. Oh and the hotel room has its own stationary including postcards. So fun!

Now I'm just waiting on my roommates to arrive and might call the concierge desk to see if they have any recommendations for getting gum out of a sweater.