an update on my three-legged cat

It's been a little over two weeks since Isis had her amputation surgery and we said goodbye to Monster Paw (and the entire left front arm it was attached to). I'm pleased to say that she is 100% back to normal and every bit the kitty that we know and love. I would have never thought a cat could recover from a surgery like that so quickly but she's really been a trooper.

growing back fur

Several milestones told me she was just fine, such as using the incline scratcher and scratchy disc as well as doing her signature move of stretching up the wall as high as she can and digging her claws into the drywall. I've almost teared up when I witnessed each of these and definitely clapped my hands with joy!

The only thing she won't do now is go between the washer and dryer to get to her food. Mostly this is because she doesn't have the zero turning radius she had before and she doesn't like to back out of there. We kept the food in this narrow alley because the kitties could get to it but the dog most certainly couldn't. Now we are building a dog barricade and are researching a new location for the cat food.


So if you ever are faced with the decision of if you should remove your pets leg and when, let me be the first to tell you that after a few days they won't even miss it. And if anyone knows how to make a kitty-sized peg leg, I can only imagine it would make a fine Halloween outfit for her.