things they didn't tell Ms. Kitty or me in the brochure

When the anesthesia wears off, your cat may roll around on the ground kicking and growling trying to get free the arm that no longer exists. This can be particularly heart-wrenching as you keep telling her, "No one's got your paw. It's not there anymore." A new dose of pain meds and a two hour nap make everything better. My left hand fell asleep underneath her while my right thumb developed a cramp from surfing the web on my iPhone with Ms. Kitty's head pressed into the crook of my arm.

Your other pets will not recognize your beloved kitty if she comes home shaved, missing a leg and stinking of vet antiseptic stuff. Emily's tail was instantly puffy once Isis came out of her carrier and she walked around crying/chirping for hours. That or it could be because Isis got more wet food than she did.

One of life's greater indignities as a cat is falling down in the litter box and having to finish your business with bits of litter stuck to the end of your nose. I'm pleased to say, after a few stumbles, she navigated her litter box just fine (once I brought it into the room for her).