a game plan for Monster Paw

Ms. Kitty and I went to the feline oncologist on Wednesday morning for a consultation. By Tuesday night, I was ready to cancel the appointment since I had pretty much resolved myself to just taking her whole arm. But in the end, I'm really glad I went because I feel much better about the whole thing. Dr. Brewer was very nice and told me that she would hardly miss the leg and would be back to running up the stairs on her remaining three legs in no time. Because of where the tumor is and how much they'd have to take to be sure they got it all, it was best to just take the whole arm versus trying to save part of it that wouldn't serve her any purpose.

So we have an appointment for her surgery on July 5th and she probably won't even have to stay overnight. I'm borrowing Monty's extra large dog carrier to restrict her freedom post-op until she gets her feet under her again, so to speak.

In just two weeks we will be rid of Monster Paw, my kitty will be cancer free, and we'll be making the house more handicat accessible, perhaps with some chrome rails around the litter box. Oh and everyday will be Wet Food Day to celebrate.