holy crap we're getting married in under a month!

Somebody should do some wedding planning around here at some point! This week has been one of phone calls to places that seemed stunned we waited until the "last minute" to call them. It's been a bit of a nice test, though, because if they don't piss me off with some condescending statement about how we really waited too late for [insert random wedding thing here] but understand that I want them to call me back the same day because we're on a tight timetable, I'm more likely to actually hire them. No one is freaking out about anything, which is always good, and we're genuinely excited about all the cool stuff that will happen for our wedding. Also, as a testament to our relationship we haven't gotten into any fights about my insisting on a theme of "Enchantment Under the Sea" or his insisting on an orange tuxedo. But with the amount of crap we have crammed in these last few weeks, I do admit to being a big excited about our honeymoon as a chance to just lounge around by the pool and eat a lot of food.