moving mountains (or desks as the case may be)

What was supposed to take a few hours took all damn weekend. We tried to rearrange our over-crowded crappy office setup and turn it into something more attractive and usable. This is in an attempt to be happy with the space we currently have in our cute little house and not decide to double our mortgage just so that we're not stepping on top of each other every evening. We'll see how long it lasts.

But the current setup is very pleasing for us both now. I can actually see the TV without craning my neck around my monitor and we can share a workspace without bumping into each other. The kitties are also much happier with the new layout as they can easily move from one desk to the next and even catch a glimpse out the front window if we open the blinds for them.

In celebration of the new space, I also hung my new Matt Rinard art on the walls in my corner. As if it weren't obvious enough before whose corner is whose by the Batman figurines and hockey cards to the right, we now have crazy cat lady art on my side of the room. Closeups of the seriographs are on my Flickr here and here.

office before
office after