looking for just a bit of wind

I've been very fretful lately and the reasons have been varied. It was abundantly clear to me that I was carrying a lot of stress, though, after spending an hour with my masseuse on Saturday while she beat my shoulders all to hell trying to work the knots free. When one finally released in my right shoulder she likened it to trying to break a horse. After visiting my parents the other day and telling them how life was getting me down, Daddy had some very clever things to say.

He said that people always tell you to not worry about things and that's crap, because there is "a kin between worry and give a damn." If you don't worry about anything then you also probably don't give a damn about much of anything. (I didn't ask if he had heard of Bobby McFerrin or what he thought of him).

But then he said that "worry is like wind." No wind is bad. And too much wind is destructive. But a bit of wind helps guide things in the right direction, gets people and things from point A to B and keeps the world moving.

I thought about that today when it was gusting close to 30 mph outside. The weather outside was a good indicator of how I've been feeling the last few weeks. And just like the weather today was a giant pain in the ass for everyone, my fretful mindset has been not so helpful for me. So I'm going to try for a more Mostly Sunny attitude and we'll see how that pans out. That and I've scheduled another massage appointment for the end of the month.