some thoughts on Virginia Tech

I'm in the suburbs of Chicago the rest of this week for a conference. I wore my HOKIES sweatshirt today on my flight out and around town. I've gotten many sympathetic smiles and a few "go Hokies" from strangers all day. The hardest part is seeing talking heads on TV spewing theories in front of the drill field where we used to eat lunch. I've walked all over that campus and have so many fond memories. I feel selfish even voicing it, but it's like a safe place for me has been wrecked.

But I also have seen many friends and colleagues rally for our little cow town. The whole thing is a tragedy but it's how people behave afterwards that will shape the future for Hokies all over America. I want to have faith in my fellow man.

I shouldn't have spent all evening watching criminal dramas and American Idol from the hotel room. It shakes my faith in society.