Coronation recap

I don't feel like I can do justice to how Coronation was like everyone else did. Theo amused me with so many questing groups and so few right answers. Gen encouraged me by inviting me to play with others and having a project to work on during the day, being a coy naiad to guide and beguile questers. Anne inspired me with her stories of so much kindness in the face of so much stress. And our household and extended family made me very proud with their dedication to entertaining everyone as a cyclops, Venus, hydra, muse or all around helpful person. It really was a weekend for making lemonade from lemons. This past weekend could have sucked ass. I had put a chunk of effort into a cyclops costume, blue roman clothing and apple green clothing for Rhiannon all of which I was nervous about. We were heading to Booneyville (population < 100 it seemed) and it was SNOWING outside. I stayed up way too late Friday night being a hand-sewing elf for so I only had about four hours of sleep come Saturday. It was wicked cold and windy and we were all outside in linen cursing ourselves for not having more wool.

But I got to take part in several exciting activities. I enjoyed seeing fighters and non-fighters working together on a project. I loved seeing everyone so smiley despite cold and discomfort. And I had at least half a dozen people who I'd never seen before in my life smile and say "hi" to me because I was involved in their quest team or just a friendly (blue-painted) face they met in the woods.

There were so many things about this weekend that on the surface and in the past could have really ruined my day, but I was happy to help, watch and be involved in everything so it was all incredibly fun. I'm not exactly sure why it was so much better for me than usual, but I'm just riding this "up with medieval hobbies" vibe I have right now. I've got a few projects to work on for this upcoming weekend but I keep reminding myself that most of them can wait if need be and I'm not stressed about any of them. And mostly I enjoyed seeing friends and helping them in any way I could. Go team!

I'm too chicken to try to authorize and play rapier with the other kids this upcoming weekend (particularly since it's heavy rapier which I've never done) but I'm looking forward to going and co-chilling.

Genie as a Naiad
Genie as a Naiad