the hem of my garment

I spent several hours last night in department stores looking at dresses. I found several lovely dresses that one could wear to a June wedding provided you're not the bride. *sigh* But I have not lost hope yet and have several other plans of attack for the coming week.

When I got home I started reading other LJ entries from folks headed to Coronation this weekend. Several made comment of the weather and I decided to research that a bit since it appears everyone knew something I didn't. That's when I saw the forecast was a bit chillier than I expected.

Part Two of this realization is that I had made a lovely Roman tunica for to wear and she would freeze her ass off in it. So I started rummaging through the sewing room. I found some other green linen that was lighter than the stuff I used for Rhiannon, but all that green would make her look like a seedless grape. I lamented about giving up some of the linen I had bought expressly for making pants for the Puddin' (Puddin' Pants - HA!) because he is in desperate need of pants that aren't torn out in the crotch. And then I opened the fabric cabinet and saw it right in front of my face.

Three hours later Rhiannon has a lovely undertunic from the raw silk remnants of my first wedding dress. I've been carting it around for nine years and haven't found a good use for it yet. In one evening I took wedding dress lemons and turned them into a soft and pettable lemonade. I can't wait to see it on her!