so this is what all the fuss is about

I had a bit of a hard time yesterday. Most of last week, actually, I was pretty moody. And after I went outside with no notice to Rich so I could clean out the shed, pull up all the tomato cages and mow the lawn, Rich decided he would just say out of my way and run some errands before fight practice. About 5 minutes after Rich left, I was edging the yard and a rock flew up and hit me in the face, right next to my nose. Amazingly, I didn't get a bloody nose but it really hurt and scared me. I started crying out of shock. But then I just kept crying - sobbing - and couldn't stop.

I cried while putting the edger away. I cried while I dragged my sweaty grass-covered self inside. I cried while I checked my blood to verify that low blood sugar was not why I was crying. I cried in the shower. And after 30 minutes when I hadn't stopped crying, I texted Rich and asked him to come home. After 10 minutes of lying in bed in my bathrobe (crying), I called and snotted into the phone asking him to come home (he didn't get my text until after I called). And when he told me he would be home in 10 minutes, I finally stopped crying.

So when Rich got home and was brushing my hair while I snotted onto his t-shirt, I finally came to a realization.

Me: "You know, after 15 years, I may have developed PMS. Maybe that's why I've been such a weirdo."

Rich (smoothing my hair and handing me a tissue): "Baby, I'm certainly not going to suggest that to you."

Hormones are no fun sometimes.