raw fish, Spartans and Romans

I'm so full, my bra is too tight. My brother needed a ride to pick up his car from the mechanic and while we were out we decided to go to get sushi. Rich wasn't inspired to eat sushi, having just come back from hockey, so it was just a Sibling Night Out. We showed up hungry and I had to unbutton my jeans to drive home as well as take part of my food in a box.

Someone needs to please date my brother Perry because he really does kick ass. Just imagine a 6'6" version of me with significantly less hair and a little more of a beer habit. I'm just so pleased to have someone awesome like Rich to share my life with and I want Perry to have someone like that in his. But I also know that my brother can be a bit quirky (our whole family can be) and that not everyone would understand how we operate.

We went to see 300 last night in an honest to goodness movie theatre. I can't remember the last time we have seen a movie in a theatre - Rich thinks it was Clerks 2 last summer. And while I didn't dislike the movie enough to leave early like did, there were definitely some moments where I thought "they're still stabbing people. Jesus, enough with the stabbing!" and considered surfing the web on my phone. It was a good movie, but not fantastic for me. I don't need to see it again. Although I was satisfied with the come-uppance dealt to schmarmy dude. I could have been inspired to yell "I told you that bitch was crazy!" but didn't want to upset the others in the theatre.

I've been on a spending spree to outfit myself in some Roman clothing for Easter weekend (the irony - it is intense). Everyone else was dressing up in Roman stuff for Coronation that I took the opportunity to take on something new. I also decided to wait until the last minute so I just paid for overnight shipping from fabrics-store.com. But they didn't let me down and I have some luscious linen spinning in my washer and dryer as I type.

I also discovered yesterday that Zappos has a special with free overnight shipping. So I bought three pairs of "Romanesque" looking sandals with the idea that I can return two of them (with free return shipping, dontchaknow. I *heart* Zappos.). After having gone so long not buying anything major, all this spending is making my stomach hurt. That or it could just be eating my own body weight in sushi tonight.