All Stupid and Ugly ... Except for the Dog Stomping

This would be the long awaited episode #5 of "I'm Just Sayin'". We recorded one before this but I bemoaned the poor audio quality and lack of humor in favor of structure so insisted we scrap it and try again. This was what we came up with as I tricked Rich into podcasting again, against his will. It is indeed all stupid and ugly, except for the dog stomping, which is quite fine.

#005 I'm Just Sayin' - All Stupid and Ugly - Except for the Dog Stomping
(22:27 min, 20.5MB, little to no potty mouth, but some whining on Genie's part)

It is late and I didn't even bother with intros and outros. Forgive me ... hopefully we can try again and use all the high production value that you've come to love from us.

Edit: Here is the original one that we recorded, which I hated because of the poor audio quality. Be mindful of horrible clipping noises, but it does serve a purpose to fill everyone in on some details in our lives.

#005b The First Part - Which Genie Hates
(39:45 min, 36.4MB, moderate potty mouth with scattered F bombs)