Love is in the air

Since it's a lovey-dovey kind of day, I'll give you an update on us two love birds. We officially have a wedding date and location. We're getting married on June 9, 2007 at my old high school in Norfolk, Virginia. Before you get images of my throwing the bouquet through the basketball hoop, we're renting the refectory, garden area and the covered areas surrounding them. It will be lovely, I promise.

We are in the midst of finalizing our guest list, which is rather extensive but relatively low drama. Rich's mother asked what color dress my mother was wearing (apparently my mom gets first dibs on a color?) but I have yet to even pick a dress myself, so all that will come with time.

is going to be our officiant and we're ridiculously excited about that. is my home girl and Rich's brother Lee is his best man. Everyone else, just relax and have a good time unless told otherwise. Children are invited and should have to work hard to get fidgety or bored.

There will be alcohol, catered food, lots of music, a dance floor and fresh flowers. The rest I'm not really worried about.

Now just to figure out everyone's addresses and modern last name spellings so we're not addressing envelopes to Lord Arglebargle ap Hispop and Lady Heywhatsherface ArnDudersdottir.