why yes, my mother does dress me occasionally.

My mother does a lot of thrift store shopping. Ever since menopause came into her life, she's learned to dress in layers, many of which consist of a snug fitting tank top or knit top that she covers with a button down shirt. And since it's the thrift store, I end of up with a lot of her shirts that are a smidge too snug. As she says, sometimes they're too clingy and she's too old for anything to cling to her anymore ... at least for shirts anyways. When I started bringing these shirts home, Rich would raise his eyebrows at some of them. We started calling them Hoochie Mama shirts because they were a bit clingy and came from Mom. It has become such a trend, that anytime I wear a tight-fitting or revealing outfit Rich asks if my mother bought it for me.

Saturday, I came home with a new Hoochie Mama shirt from my parents and we didn't think much of it. Then on Sunday when I stopped by to trade a container of the world's best body lotion and coupons for some Smithfied ham (I love living near my parents) Mom handed me a bizarre container of KY touch massage oil. I just looked at her.

Mom: "It was at the Dollar Store and KY stuff is normally expensive. I figured I could use it as lotion in a pinch."

Me: "Yeah, but what am I supposed to do with it?"

Mom: "I don't know, but I bought two so take one."

Me: "That's weird. But fine, I'll take it. You know Rich is going to make fun of this."

Mom: "I know, but it was cheap."

So I dutifully took it home and set it on the sofa table. Rich came home and looked at the container dubiously.

Me: "I know, it's weird. I told Mom you were going to make fun of it. It even smells weird."

Rich: "Between this and the shirts ... your mother must really want grandkids."