Home Again, Home Again

We went across the country and back last weekend and I took exactly three pictures. One was of Rich being way too tall for our commuter plane to Cincinnati and the other two were of the Space Needle. Between our busy schedule and our short trip, I just couldn't rally to take more than that.

My legs look like I got in a fight with a badger because I started scratching them Sunday night in the restaurant and managed to leave little marks all over them. That and running into the shower door yesterday morning has made for some wild patterns all over my shins.

While I was tending my wounds in the hotel, I remembered why I don't really like travelling as much as I once did (if I ever did). Sure, I got to see the Space Needle and eat at McCormick and Schmick's, but I also had to use some random crappy excuse for mint-scented lotion to try to hydrate my horrible looking legs in the hotel because I didn't pack my special lotion in my checked bag and TSA is saving me from terrorist attacks via shampoo in greater than 3 ounce containers. I stress out before every trip we ever take anywhere that I won't have all my medical supplies or electronics or toiletries that are so dear to me and it never ceases to irritate me that Rich can pack in approximately 4 minutes while watching the game on TV and fit it all in a paper bag. But God forbid he needs a Band-Aid while we're on our trip. Don't worry, Genie packed plenty for both of us in a variety of styles and sizes. Holy crap, I've become my mother.

So I'm happy to be home and not going anywhere for a few days at least.

For a lot of reasons too complicated to get into, Bossman's dog Maggie is visiting us for a few days. This is an experiment as she and I get used to how the other behaves. Thankfully, we've both mellowed over the years, and so far she's getting along just fine at Camp Genie. She and Sarah will be brushing each others hair, eating Smores and staying up late talking about boy dogs. And I just keep an attitude of cautious optimism that she and I will not have to disagree on anything. I think I learned where the term "double-dog dare" came from, though, as I casually explained to Maggie this evening that I double-dog dared her to touch my dinner on the counter while my back was turned and she and I would have a come to Jesus talk about people food versus dog food. She must have understood because my snack went untouched and she's even starting to get the hang of my personal space needs while preparing or consuming food.

Just before heading to Seattle last week, I went to Office Depot to shop for keyboards. I tried them all out in the store and chose two different ones for experimenting. One was a $50 ergonomic keyboard that intrigued me because it angled away so that my wrists would not cramp. The other was just a basic $10 keyboard (on sale) that was USB and quiet so that when I was building a machine again, I wouldn't have to tear the house apart to find a wired keyboard.

The $50 keyboard is okay except the spacebar is stiff so allmywordscomeoutsmooshedtogether or I have to bang on the spacebar like the whammy bar on a guitar, which is not very ergonomic at all. The $10 keyboard (on sale!) is AWESOME. I even put a kitchen towel under the front of it to angle it away and it got even better! So I'm super pleased with my bargain and may have to go score some more before they stop making them. I considered returning the $50 ergonomic one but it has a few nice features to it and Ms Kitty has taken up permanent residence in the keyboard box, defending her position against all other pets, so I apparently bought a $50 cat bed with a free keyboard accessory.

The allure of the keyboard box is so strong that it has even convinced Ms Kitty to share a room with a guest dog (and her very waggy long tail). Ms Kitterson, however, has set up camp on Rich's dresser upstairs and may see if she can wait out this unwelcome houseguest before having to eat or use the litter box. That's why they invented baby gates, though.