Guess who's HbA1C is < 7%?

I had my regular endocrinologist appointment this morning and got good news - my HbA1C is 6.5! That's almost the number of a non-diabetic and well below 7%. My thyroid numbers were even down (3.02) since last time too so I won't have to take any extra meds besides insulin! I'm ridiculously excited about all this. While I may feel like an utter failure when my blood tests come back high, I feel like that Asian kid who aced the SAT exam right now. Go me! I didn't even let it get me down that my blood sugar was 256 this morning and had only gone down to 241 by the time I got to the doctor's office. In fact it's been inexplicably high most of today. I think I'll just move my infusion site to safety's sake and see how it goes.

In other medical news, Miss Kitty and I have spent most of the evening at the emergency vet. Ever since New Year's Eve, Miss Kitty's paw has had a big lump on it. She hasn't limped, isn't bothered by it in the least and has been feisty as ever. But every time I look at her lumpy paw, I worry that she has some sort of rare kitty paw disease that has to be treated within the first three seven 14 days or else it will fall off. We're leaving for Seattle on Friday and I didn't want to leave my parents with a high maintenance cat medical issue. So since I have absolutely no time to go to the vet during the day this week, I paid the extra fee to spend my evening at the emergency vet.

The good news is that she doesn't have kitty wrist disease. She has "I'm an elderly stateskitty and random tumors show up on me"-itis. The ER vet said that she can just get the tumor removed when it's convenient and they'll send it to a lab. In the meantime, it's not slowing her down and I'm not a completely horrible cat mom.

Miss Kitty and I are going to celebrate with cat treats and pound cake.