don't hate me because I'm beautiful

I made an appointment at the MAC makeup counter for noon today so that Joanna could counsel me on all that she had to offer my skin. I have been dissatisfied with how dry my face has been lately as well as the crappy makeup I've been using. Frankly, it's made me rarely use makeup because it feel gross and wears off within a few hours. We started out with a moisturizer while she looked around for the right products at the counter. When she came back she noticed my face still seemed dry, so she applied a different moisturizer. By the time she got to applying eye makeup, Joanna said my skin still seemed "tight", so she recommended another moisturizer for me.

To add to the sense of drama, they don't show you what you look like until the very end. So while she's adding more and more mascara and more and more eyeliner, I'm convinced I'm going to look like a raccoon or Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner. When she was all done and I finally got to look at myself, all I could say was "Wow!"

MAC is one of those places where the prices aren't listed or discussed until the very end so I knew I was going to spend a small fortune this afternoon and had prepared myself. I bought a lot of stuff from Joanna (and handed her the Visa quickly before I lost my resolve) and so far am pleased with it all. I also cut out all the instructions from the boxes to store in the makeup kit until I get used to what the hell I'm doing. With labels like Studio Moisture Fix and Strobe Cream, it's not as obvious as one would hope. If my skin can stay this soft forever, though, then I'm hooked. I know you all are anxious to see the before and after, so click below to see the Flickr pictures.

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