I'm on an upswing at the moment

It's funny how a mood can change so quickly. I'm finally in a good mood. I've been in a pretty sour mood for a while now. But things seem to be perking up for me, at least today. I just read four days worth of whirlwind blog entries from friends and "internet friends" alike and it was almost too much to process at one time. It's hard for me to sort it all out. And then I wanted to comment on several of them, but they've all run together and I'm just overwhelmed by it all. So just take note that I've finally read what you've been writing and I send my condolences/congratulations/hugs/high-fives where appropriate. You all rock.

This past weekend was a local SCA event and we were hosting quite a few friends in our little house. I try not to get worked up about those sorts of things, but I know that I enjoy having my own space, so I always want my friends to have their own as well. I also have to remind myself that just because friends are staying at our house, I do not have to be the cruise director for the day or be responsible or anyone other than myself. And it's amazing that when I just chill the fuck out and let everyone do their thing, it all works out fine. I take solace in the moments when I'm freaking out (knowingly and needlessly) I can just tell Rich "I don't want to deal with this - make it go" and he just does. It makes me feel worlds better and helps me remember that I don't need him to take care of me, but it's very nice when he does.

I go in for my HbA1C (hemoglobin A1C) and thyroid blood work tomorrow morning, so everyone think good thoughts and hope that I do well on my tests. I would say I've been studying hard for them, but really I've just been eating everything in sight this week and am thinking about having dinner now that it's nearly midnight. We'll see what the doctor says next week when I meet with him to go over the results.

This whole entry is boring even me, but I just needed to get some words down to try to get back in the swing of things. It's too much to try to capsulize in a few witty paragraphs, but things are good right now and I'll try to be more specific in my ramblings about our daily lives really soon. For now it's time for dinner and then bed (probably very close together in that order).