Mama knows

Mom is home and the ICD implant went fine. She said they need to schedule all their surgeries over the holidays because it wasn't busy at all and everyone there had plenty of time for them. Dad said the only "bad news" is she can't play sports or drink alcohol for two weeks. Those of you who know my mom can imagine that this is no great inconvenience to her.

I finally took Mom's advice and bought Mucinex after she's been trying to give me some for days. Today is the first day I feel human again. I feel so good, in fact, that I'm going to go get my bake on and make some banana bread for Mom's recovery.

There's a sappy country song called "Mama Knows" that my parents reference from time to time. Not only does Mama know I need cold medicine before I admit it, she knows that banana bread is how I say "I love you."