food as therapy

As soon as I finished writing my previous post, I noticed I felt a little shaky. Damned if I didn't find out my sugar was 68. I felt like it was 68 on it's way to 18, though, as my world quickly started falling apart. So I wandered into the kitchen and made a bowl of ice cream. It's not the ideal for fixing my sugar because of the fat to sugar ratio, but dammit I felt bad and I wanted chocolate ice cream! The bowl of ice cream was tasty, but I still felt shaky. Ooh, grape juice! I found grape juice in the fridge and used that to wash down the last of the Cheetos. By the time I finished those, I wasn't shaky anymore but had a bit of an ... off ... taste in my mouth. So to "wash out" the sweetness on my tongue, I opted for a slice of American cheese (because I was too tired to find a knife to cut a piece of cheddar).

I'm now totally grossed out by the last 15 minutes of my calorie intake and need to backwards calculate just what the hell I ate and how many carbs it had. But first I told the Puddin' he needs to take me to bed before I find anything else more gross to eat in the kitchen.