Change is good, right?

I'm mired in geekery right now as I'm moving to a new computer at work and upgrading to Windows Vista and Office 2007 at the same time. Being a dyed in the wool pack rat (HA!), I have a hard time picking what I need to trash and what I need to save. So I'm backing up all my "important" folders to a portable hard drive, verifying the tape backups over the network, running both machines in tandem to verify anything I forgot and will still probably use Ghost to make a backup image of everything. So far, I'm pretty pleased with Vista despite throwing myself into it with little to no background on what has changed. My favorite feature of the day, though, has to be the little chime that politely reminded me "hey, dumbass, that really long product code you're typing isn't really typing anywhere because you clicked off of the product code window." I'm normally a touch-typist, but at the end of the day when I'm trying to make sure it's Q7HBV and not Q7BVH, I admit to staring at my fingers on the keyboard. It really is the little things that made an upgrade worthwhile.

Now just to find the 8724 other things I had installed on my old machine that I can't live without on my new one.