This is SO coming out of her allowance!

I'm so angry at the cat right now! I came home this evening and was going to my make myself a sandwich with tomato on it, but apparently not. The bag was all wet and slimy and there were little tears all over the tomatoes. I have been harsh with the grocery store baggers, assuming that they were abusing my produce during checkout. But my most recent batch of tomatoes, the ones that weren't on sale and were $3.49 a fucking pound, I hand picked, carried home in my lap and deposited gently on the counter not three days ago. They were fine this morning. And now they look like this.

Go ahead and click on the picture for a good close-up. So angry! Where am I supposed to keep tomatoes that's not in the fridge and not where the cat apparently thinks she can use my expensive prime produce for her personal chew toy? I guess there are parts of the three tomatoes that are intact enough to put on a sandwich, but BLECK, the cat has been chewing on them!

This does explain why she's been all meow-y around the counter when we're over in the Tomato Zone making sandwiches. I couldn't understand why she thought the toaster was so exciting and meant she might get food, but apparently it's been the damn tomatoes all along. And while we have two cats in the house and didn't witness the chewing first-hand, I suspect it was Emily as she has been known to chew. Rich has been trying to sniff the tomato on her breath, but I would prefer to just rub her face in them.