New Food Tuesday goes international!

After leaving work today at 2pm to sit in a waiting room that stank of stale cigarettes and cabbage (What do you old people bath in? An old soup pot?), only to find out that the procedure the Puddin' was there for was cancelled at 6pm, I was ready to start flipping uncomfortable waiting room furniture upon our exit. So despite the craptastically rainy weather, I decided we were going out for New Food Tuesday. Some of you may remember that we started picking a new place to eat (or far less often a new meal made at home) every Tuesday to help broaden our supper horizons. We have fallen off the New Food wagon recently, in that some weeks I forget what day it is until Tuesday has come and gone. But it happened to be a fine coincidence that today was Tuesday and we were hungry and I had a cunning plan for a new restaurant.

They've opened a new Pupuseria, which as their name implies, serves a wide variety of pupusas. I admit we went because the name sounds naughty and the sign is HUGE, inviting us in with all its Salvadorian charm. Being Tuesday and pouring down rain, business was not really busy for them. We were literally the only two people in the restaurant at 7pm. Our waiter didn't speak so much English and the menu definitely started out in Spanish and was only half-heartedly translated in a few places. We looked for a few items that said "won't kill foolish Americans," pointed at the menu while we smiled and ordered, then hoped for the best.

I was super pleased with our order. The rice was light and smelled like Basmati, my chicken was tender, and our pupusas were very pupusery. So we feasted on $5 plates of food, tipped heavily, and headed home triumphant after so much frustration this afternoon. We're now back at the house chillin' with cigarettes and crack cocaine, like true rock stars.