Kitties Unrequited

a gentleman caller
This photo has two key parts to it. One is the orange pumpkin that the Puddin' placed outside last weekend. I worry every day that neighborhood hoodlums are going to take our beautiful round gourd and smash it in the street out of meanness. I breathe a sigh of relief every time I come home and it's still safe.

The second part (and hard to see unless you click the link and view it in large size) is the grey tuxedo cat eating catfood on our front sidewalk. This cat has shown up at our house off and on for almost two years and I have scripted this elaborate story that he and my beautiful black cat Isis have some unrequited love due to her being confined indoors now. I don't even know if it's a male cat other than it fits my story line better (and tuxedos are generally worn by males, dontcha know).

So when we came home tonight very late and I saw him on the front porch, I made as little noise as possible and came back outside shaking a plastic cup of food. I sat on the floor in the living room watching him eat it all. I even told Isis that while they can't be together, at least he had a good meal.

I managed to exert my Crazy Pumpkin Lady skills and Crazy Cat Lady skills all within the first 15 minutes of being home.