We need more power capt'n!

We had a .05 second power outage this afternoon and it seems to have killed the two most expensive UPSes in our house. Rich's super cheap UPS is working fine, while the UPSes attached to my computer and sound equipment as well as all the entertainment equipment in the living room are toast. I've tried resetting the breakers, resetting the UPSes, crawling around unplugging and plugging things behind large pieces of furniture and rolling around on the carpet all but throwing a tantrum at the unfairness of it all but nothing has brought them back from the grave. I've locked both UPSes in the upstairs bathroom to wait for their batteries to drain (and think about what they've done) so I don't have to listen to their annoying beeping every 30 seconds. I hate buying UPSes because they're expensive and no fun. But what I hate even more is replacing them less than six months after I've bought them. Sure, they may be under warranty, but I might like to use my computer or the TV before they get around to shipping us new ones via UPS ground. I'm trying to remind myself that even if the UPSes are a lost cause, they were a lot cheaper than anything hooked up to them. But it doesn't make it any more fun.

I'm off to cook dinner and knit, since they're two things that shouldn't require a backup power supply.

Edit (10:05pm): I successfully made a roast pork tenderloin for dinner and have started the first three rows of my very first knitted sock ever. But most importantly, I went upstairs to check on the UPSes and they were happily glowing green lights again! They are all hooked back up now and humming long nicely. It's like found money to not have to replace them.