If this chair's a rockin' ...

Beef ... It's what's for dinner.
Well, maybe just all beef kosher foot long hot dogs cut up and smothered in Kraft macaroni and cheese is what's for dinner. I think I just found those mysterious six pounds I was looking for.

Matt (the zen coffee master of our office) had a package arrive today before lunch. One of the conditions of working for our little company is that any packages delivered to the office must be inspected by all your co-workers. Mostly it's just Kathy and I who are the curious kitties crawling all over the UPS boxes and sitting impatiently in your office until you open the box nowNowNOW. So if you work for us and need to order embarrassing sex toys, I suggest having them shipped to your home.

The package today was better than any surprise we could have hoped for on a Friday. Matt ordered a used Butt Kicker from eBay and it was absolutely captivating. I was satisfied to peruse the literature and fondle it once he unpacked it. But we were in for a special treat once he actually connected it to his Herman Miller Aeron chair. He and Curtis attached it to the WoW workstation and we all squeezed into Curtis' office to have a go of it.

Holy crap what a fun chair toy! I was impressed by the noises in the game making the chair vibrate, but I was even more impressed when we cranked up Bring the Noise. If the song was kicking ass, the chair would literally do the same!

Alas, Matt took his toy home with him today. He claims it's for flight simulator games. It doesn't matter what you're using your computer to simulate, this chair gadget sure does help.