BillMonk (props to BoingBoing)

While cruising around on BoingBoing last night, I found a neat article about BillMonk. I thought it would be handy for my circle of friends as well as SCA folks. Basically, you can add your friends to it and use it to track who owes what to who. It works for both money (splitting up the cost of rattan, canvas, food, etc.) as well as loaning things out (Guiliana just loaned me her knitting socks book and I need to remember to return it sooner rather than later).

It's hard to experiment with it without any friends (who owe me something or gave me something). And I didn't want to force the Puddin' to join just so I could split a dinner bill with him last night. So join up and add me as a friend and then borrow something from me. Then let me know what you think!