I'm Just Sayin' #004: Don't Beat Up Strangers

It's been over a month, but we finally got another podcast uploaded. The big news is that we've agreed on a name - I'm Just Sayin'. I will eventually get a separate domain name and post the updates there but will add an RSS feed for your LiveJournal and other news reader convenience. This episode consists mostly of Genie bitching about all the stuff she bought in preparation for their trip to Vegas and how messed up women's sizes are. Following that is the epic saga of Rich finding a hockey team to play for this season now that he's moved. Somehow those two simple stories managed to last over 45 minutes (well, there are a few other things we talk about).

I'm a bit annoyed at the sound quality of this recording, but it's not horrible. I just need to work on some of the acoustics in the office. And mixing tracks after midnight is hard on a gal.

As in our last episode, the intro music is performed by the Clintons but we also have an official introduction by Kevin. Kevin did several recordings for us the other week, so he'll be showing up in future shows as well.

So with no further ado, we present:

I'm Just Sayin' Episode 4: Don't Beat Up Strangers
(51:40 min, 47.3MB, potty mouth threat level Yellow)