ba roo roo roo, eh?

When Rich started hanging around the house years ago, he started training Sarah to get doggie treats when she came back inside from the backyard. This had apparently been a pattern for Connor to keep the Scottie dog with selective hearing interested in coming back inside when you called him. And so it carried over to Sarah. At first, I fretted that she would get fat from all the treats as she went in and out all day, but it's been years and she still weighs a slender 71.6 pounds so I think she'll be okay. Last night, I was having a hard time and was whining and sniffling to Rich about all my woes. It started to sprinkle with rain and Rich went to let Sarah inside. She really wanted to freak out and demand her treat but she also knew I was weepy and it was not a good time to hop around and bark like a crazy dog. So she sort of circled us nervously, half smiling and lightly stamping her paws on the carpet, looking up at the treat jar and then looking back at us.

Rich said that if Connor was Scottish, Sarah must be Canadian. You could see her little doggie brain saying, "um, yeah, I was just wondering ... oh. yeah. You look like you're busy. Are you okay? Can I get you something? I was going to ask for a treat, because you know I normally get one when I come inside but ... no, no, it's cool. I can wait."

Sarah did get her treats and we all sat down to watch Babe: Pig in the City while Rich brushed my hair because it's one of my favorite movies. The Tivo DVD screen displays the movie title as BABECITY, so Rich keeps turning on the TV and thinking he's found porn on the Tivo. I don't think there are many porn movies with singing mice in them, though.