Fantasy Fridays

It's Friday and while I've missed you all terribly, I just don't have the energy to write at the moment. So instead I give you the great article that Susie Bright wrote today. Rape Scenes

I can feel my Google hits increasing already.

If you have one of those workplaces where you can't read Susie Bright at your desk, at least read my two favorite paragraphs and save the link for when you get home.

It’s normal, it’s common, to fantasize about the bizarre— the things that in real-life circumstances would trouble us, frighten us, or maybe just make us laugh. Erotic fantasies take the unbearable issues in life and turn them into orgasmic gunpowder.

What really happens when you get your consciousness raised, is that you aren’t afraid of your fantasies. You see the difference between real-life anxieties and limitations versus your potential to go to any extreme in fantasy. That is empowering. Erotic dreams communicate powerful and personal messages. But to read them as if they were tea leaves amounts to some pretty tacky fortune telling.