Viva Las Virginia

This past holiday weekend nearly all of our company headed to Vegas to co-chill amongst the bling and bright lights. While I had a good time overall, it was probably one of my more underwhelming Vegas experiences. I didn’t win or lose a significant amount of money (I think I’m about $100 down from the whole trip), I had no celebrity sightings (although Rich did see Larry King in the bathroom and Bud Bundy in some mall), and I was truly happy to be coming home after four days in the desert. I spent more money acquiring all the things I “needed” for the trip than I think I did while I was there. I needed a new suit bag to hold my evening gowns. I needed a new Timbuk2 bag to carry my camera and cash around town. I needed two new pairs of shoes that look better pointed at the ceiling than walking around. It all just adds up.

My big purchases while shopping were some clips for my hair from Claire’s-teen-slut-store and a shirt on clearance from Ann Taylor. All in all, nothing spectacular.

The theme for this trip for me was fatigue. I did not adjust to the time zone change at all, the dry air wore me down (as did not being able to have lotion or lip balm on the plane), and 10:30pm shows on Pacific Time are just Not Smart ™ when it comes to planning out one’s day. By the time we were packing to check out of the hotel, my lip was quivering with being done with it all and I lamented to Rich that I just wanted to go home.

I did get some good photos, although not as many as I would have liked. Rich (who is very clever) explained to me this afternoon that there are vacations and there are trips. For us, Vegas was a trip. When you go on vacation, you feel refreshed after having gone, you’re relaxed while you’re there and you have a good time. When you go on a trip, you have a list of things you want to get done, you set alarms and you are keenly aware of what time it is at all points during the adventure. So we’re back from our trip and I’m bone tired and ready for a vacation.

photos from our trip to Las Vegas