iBlender Day One

I'm writing this post from our kitchen on the iBlender (the iMac that arrived yesterday in all its 20" glory). So far it hasn't bent space and time as far as computers go, but it also hasn't made me furious and want to go all Elvis on it either. So all in all a good first day. I sat down in the dining room and went through all the setup instructions just like an honest to goodness newbie (n00b) and it is working like a champ. I did manage to take a hundred or so pictures from all our tons of archives on the PC and turn them into a folder to use for the screen saver. And I took a few pictures of myself with PhotoBooth. So I'm officially having a good time with the new toy. The built-in speakers are not loud enough for my level of rockin' out, so I think I'll either look into something additional or just not worry about it and continue to use the under counter iPod player. I can say I'm so glad I bought this over a MacBook Pro because I'm never going to leave the house with this and having a real keyboard is much better for me than trying to navigate the keyboard on the Apple laptops hot enough to cook one's lap notebooks.

My next plan is to play a DVD while I putter in the kitchen and maybe tomorrow we'll futz with GarageBand.