OMG get 'em off me!!!

Rich has been playing his Dead Rising game ("an action-packed, zombie bashing delight" raves and there are some creepy scenes in it. While he's doing this, I'm idling away my evening reading blogs and cleaning out my RSS feeds (the responsibilty to keep them read and uncluttered is overwhelming). I'm doing all this internet surfing on a new (to me) SONY laptop that is much lighter than my previous laptop. It also has a reminder that lets me know when the hard drive protection is engaged. We're in the living room which offers us 5.1 surround sound of all the horrific brain gnoshing and constant shuffling/moaning. Let me tell you how disconcerting it is to be convinced there are zombies in the dining room because of the noises coming from that doorway. Between the surround sound and my being the world's biggest chicken, the hard drive protection warning has been popping up A LOT this evening as I gasp and my legs instinctively jerk into a computing fetal position. The lighter laptop will keep me from dislocating my shoulder when I hurl it at the zombies in self defense, and it's comforting to know that at least it will fair much better than the television will.