Episode #3 - Foo and Wah

Three's the charm, as they say. Back by popular demand (all two of you who've asked) we present another episode of our podcast. This action-packed episode includes:

  • Intro and Outro Music! The song is Fan of the Bean by the Clintons and was downloaded from the Podsafe Music Network. Their web site is very cool in that it got us free music to use so that the Copyright Police will not come after us and allows artists to pimp their songs. You can download all of the Clintons' songs from iTunes.
  • Discussions of Peeps, Speed Racer and Star Blazers
  • Mayflower movers and how much Rich hates them (fuck those guys)
  • Genie's yoga class and the creepy dude in the room (in which Genie says the word "like" A LOT)
  • Another BlogHer recap, both from Genie and Rich's perspective
  • Discussions of what the target demographic is for BlogHer (how to blog without a toddler or blue hair)
  • Our plans for Sunday where we make molasses on the family farm
  • Genie's new microphone

There's also the added bonus of foo and wah! There's a story behind it, I swear.

Rich continues to eat the microphone occasionally and I continue to say "like" far too much when I get excited. We apologize for that and we'll both work on making that better for episode #4.

Episode #3 - Foo and Wah
(47 min. with moderate potty mouth)