Hi, I'm GenieAlisa ... and you are?

I think this was a meme a few months ago, but I'm always a day late and dollar short. I've been curious why people have chosen the web site names and usernames they have on the Internet. Some usernames are obvious, but some I have no freakin' clue why that person chose it. I get used to those "handles" and then it becomes like second nature. Only when someone else asks "why do you call him/her that?" do I stare blankly and have no answer. I'll go first. I picked GenieAlisa as my username ages ago because I wanted a name that didn't have my last name in it but was me and unique. I've only met two other people with the name Genie and never met another Alisa. I didn't want to use my SCA persona name because I knew I would be writing about all aspects of my lift and not just the medieval ones. And while there are not many Genie's there are tons of Isabels.

I picked inabottle.org for my domain name because it seemed to allow me a lot of flexibility in what I used it for. My mom has always explained my name to others as "Genie ... like a Genie in a bottle" and I grew to identify with it. That and there are so many great subdomains for it, like Message in a Bottle and Thyme in a Bottle (my personal favorite).

So my faithful readers ... leave me a comment and tell me a bit about yourself. Are you happy with your chosen nomen on the Internet?