new DVD shelves

I've been hunting for the perfect set of shelves to store our ever-expanding DVD collection. Then I found a set that mount on the wall by TopDeq and fell in love. The shelves were a little pricey but not that much more than others I'd looked at and they really outshine anything else I've seen. Check out the before and after ...


We had really outgrown the old cabinet.

So we'd started making piles ...

And don't even get me started on all the cables ...


They were pretty easy to setup and we even spaced them around the electrical outlet.

No clutter on the floor!

What you can't see is the new UPS behind the TV that replaces the scary old surge protector. Also, it may not be visible that I alphabetized the DVDs and separated the box sets onto their own rack. I may not be a librarian, but hanging around them does rub off on me.