a Friday poll

In the last day, I've had two people remind me that I used to play the cello. I've actually been thinking of going back to it again and purchasing one. I really did enjoy playing it, although I can't imagine a concert venue appropriate for me and my cello. And at this age, there is not much hope of me becoming the Tori Amos of the cello and selling out stadiums. But it would be nice to own one and mess around with it. Did you know that the range of notes you can play on a cello most closely resembles the human voice? That has always impressed me. But I have also had an intense desire to learn the guitar. I can see a lot of uses to that in that I could accompany myself in song, experiment with both acoustic and electric varieties and just rock out in general. But I've never played the guitar in my life. I've played the banjo (which is material worth of an entry all itself) but never the guitar. How hard can it be? Plenty of hard-core rockers have played guitar, usually while high.

Or I could catalog these frivolities with learning German, Spanish and Sign Language fluently sometime in the next year, which is to say laugh at myself and my high hopes and complete lack of follow through. If they made a Cello Hero to go along with Guitar Hero, I could compare the two.

So what do you think I should do?