I've heard of walking in high cotton ... but corn?

While everyone else in Southeast Virginia was waiting for Noah's ark to pull in and dock at the shipyard from hurricane weather (3.7" in one day ... a new record), I was in sunny Ohio having all day meetings. It was productive, if a bit exhausting. And since we finished up a couple of hours early, we decided to stop by the concrete corn sculptures in Dublin. They never cease to entertain me.

Kathy and I wanted to use our camera phones to share the beautiful weather with our cohorts back in Virginia. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember my PictureMail password. I tried every password I could possibly think of. Last four of my social, my ATM pin, my old address, 1234, 1111, my email passwords, my "easy to type" password, random passwords I haven't used in year ... nothing worked. By the time we got to the airport, I had locked myself out of the account. Using the web site I was able to have it send me my own password as a text message.

And this is what I got ...

This is usually the password I reserve for systems whose registration processes piss me off. I should have started with that password all along.