Impromptu project night with Dad

Originally, I went by Mom and Dad's on the way home to install a USB 2.0 card in her computer and a hub on her desk for her to more easily use all the jump drives she has. That took about 20 minutes. Helping Dad taking the limbs out of the pine tree took all night. I did have a good time, though, talking to Mom on the ground and helping Dad with the ropes and ladder and saws. But I have a bit of a stiff neck from staring up a tree all night and I lost my sunglasses in the ivy somewhere. Oh, well ... it's cheaper than Daddy falling out of a tree.

My father turned 65 six days ago. When we had trouble getting the limb to come loose, Dad said he may have to climb out on the limb like a squirrel and chew the last of it free.