New Food Tuesday

Rich and I have been working on branching out in our restaurant choices these days. So we created New Food Tuesday to encourage us to go somewhere new. Tuesday is great because most places are open but aren't busy. And if we strike out, there's always cereal at the house. Tonight was Catch 31 in the Hilton Oceanfront hotel. Rich says that the two things people remember the most about restaurants are the restrooms and the bread. The restrooms were great with very modern sinks and the bread was very tasty (although the butter was flavored, which I could have done without). Our meals, however, were only moderately good. I ordered a variety of shellfish and most of them felt like they still had sand in them. The highlight was our waitress, who was fantastic. Attentive without being intrusive. If we were guaranteed to get her again, I would definitely go back.

But all of this is to lead up to our walk down the boardwalk. I absolutely love going for walks with Rich. Even though we were both tired and it was starting to get chilly, I was so glad to stroll around with him. You can see some of the highlights on Flickr.