Apparently, Math Really is Hard

I got a bad grade on my diabetic report card today. It kind of took the wind out of my sails. Doesn't help that my blood sugar was low when I opened the letter. My three faithful readers will remember that I get report cards from my endocrinologist after each of my check ups. They're supposed to be print outs from my lab tests but I consider them like report cards, particularly when it comes to my HbA1C (hemoglobin A1C). Three months ago, my report card was pretty good. I didn't really ace the test, so to speak, but I had a solid B on it (6.9). This time I'm not so much in the "smiley face" category but more in the "needs improvement." I'm mortified to tell anyone, but feel compelled to record that my HbA1C is 7.8.

I think my doctor should have to be at my house when I get these letters. I think he should have to see the tears well up in my eyes as I feel like the crappiest diabetic ever. I would let him be here for those times when it's a good report and we can all high-five and share a caffeine free diet sodas in celebration. But I don't like getting these letters after the fact.

So now I'm trying to recap what the hell caused it to be so high. Do you remember what you ate two months ago? Did you write it down? Did you count the carbs and the fat in it?

Normally I don't mind being diabetic and happily take that medical bullet since I have insurance to pay for my supplies and enough math skills to count carbs. But today it kinda sucks.