Laying things to rest

In an effort to record all of my thoughts in one concise space, I have rambled about my cousin's funeral that was on March 29, 2006 at Arlington National Cemetary. The synopsis is that my parents rock, there was a lot of confusion about where everyone was supposed to go, and the weather was beautiful. An Audio Guide on How to Attend a Funeral at Arlington National Cemetary (mp3 format - 11.1MB - 12 minutes long)

You can also see pics of the burial and reception on Flickr.

It was nice to see some of my family who I haven't seen since Jeremy and I got married in 1998. I hope that I'll be able to see them again soon under more cheery circumstances.

In other news, we went to Coronation yesterday to hang out with some friends. The event was pleasant, I bought some snazzy yarn and some bling from Mike and generally just sat around like a bum most of the day. I finished my iPod cozey and am hoping to start an Incan bag this afternoon.

Surprisingly, Gabrielle was at the event and I realized it had been over four years since I had seen or spoken to Rich's ex-wife and my only ex-friend. There was a part of me that said, "it's been a long time. People change." But that voice in my head had a hard time quelling the sick feeling I got everytime I saw her. I'm genuinely glad she's happy and I hope she's doing well, but my urge for everyone to get along can only go as far as sharing event space with her. I need to remind myself that if neither she nor I want to talk to each other that we're both still good people, but that there's just too much drama to make it worth any effort at reconciliation.

Rich is off at a play date with his fellow WoW geeks, and I'm playing Easter Bunny. I hope everyone else is enjoying the great weather (if it's great where you are).