Again with the Crankypants

And to add insult to injury today, I watched this video about South Dakota (thanks to Susie Bright for the link) that makes me want to puke. Really, the part where Senator Napoli describes what would be a justifiable abortion made my stomach turn for a variety of reasons. * Well, hello there, and welcome to Genie's forum of fussiness. I'm in an utterly foul mood. I frown when there's not even anyone in the room to witness the frowns. It's just the natural state of my face today. I came home at 7pm and went straight to bed. So now I'm awake and pissed off that I'm awake. Rich ate chinese take out with the pets while I frowned in my sleep all evening. And now he's gone upstairs to bed and I can't shut my brain off enough to go to sleep.

And I hate being this way. I'm all surly and bitchy and No Fun To Be Around (tm). I would love to be chipper and perky and witty. But I'm just inexplicably down.

There are a few reasons I can think of that explain why I'm such a sour puss. But none that I want to get into in this medium right now. And, frankly, it would just make me that much more cranky. So just take it as writ that I'm a pain in the ass to be around and don't want to talk about it.

So that's why I haven't returned your phone calls and that's why e-mails don't have as many exclamation points and emoticons in them. It's taking all my energy right now just to be mad at the world.

My one ray of light in all this suckitude I'm sitting in is the Puddin'. He's being super sweet and chill and clever and patient. I come home and throw shit around the living room and am an utter tool on the phone (ignoring him while he's talking to me in favor of reading e-mails that piss me off - and in my mood nearly every e-mail pisses me off), and he's all "ok, baby, I love you and I'll talk to you soon when you're feeling better."

So the short version of this is Senator Napoli is an ass, I'm a cranky kitty for no good reason, and the Puddin' rocks the rockinest.

* Oh, and just for clarification, I added the link about South Dakota just because it was the straw that broke the camel's back for me today. It's not an invitation for political/religious debate and if you feel the need to comment anyways, I'll just delete the comments and be all bitchy about it at my keyboard even though you won't be able to hear me.