Belly button maintenance

I've done some RSS maintenance this evening as I moved all of my non-LiveJournal compatriots over from my "friends" list to the folder-sorting goodness of NewsGator. I paid for the Business Gold edition, because I'm business-y and golden, and dammit, I'm worth it. I do take pleasure in having all my friends in a "friends" folder and those people I have little chance of meeting in person (hello out there!) into their own folder. I also have accumulated enough library blogs that they merit their own folder. So we'll see how it all sorts out over the next few days.

I've been spending my evening commute pondering what to write about online. And I usually have one or two good gems to mention about my past couple of days. But then I just get worn down and uninspired to try and make it go. Don't let anyone tell you that writing is easy. Hell, I spent over an hour today writing one e-mail. It's no wonder I can't make an entire entry come to life.

So I've just been in kind of a funk lately. There's nothing really concrete that I have to complain about (other than the only sudoku puzzles I haven't completed in my puzzle a day calendar are those labelled fiendish and should instead be labelled fucking impossible). But I've been just sort of blah for a bit now. There are still things that I'm pretty stoked about. I have a giant pile of GAP stretch t-shirts that I get ridiculously excited about wearing. All of our animals get along and the cats have even started playing together. Rich is charming and clever and kind to me in so many ways. And I've recently discovered that fuji apples in Cool Whip might possibly be the best snack ever. But getting up in the morning is still hard. Maybe I'm just allergic to my car.

I'll do more navel gazing later. But for now, I leave you with the song that's been stuck in my head for two days. Note that A) this video is not safe for work B) Laura, I've already bought the cd and video so I'll loan them to you. :)